Monthly Archives: August 2019

Pre-season friendly

So the exciting inaugural meeting of WEHomebrew is fast approaching – 7pm at Windsor & Eton brewery on Wednesday 25th September, just rock up – and has the feel of the first game of the season. So with that in mind the Homebrew club is getting a pre-season friendly under its belt by representing at the Peckham Amateur beer festival. Brick brewery is hosting the competition admirably organised by London Amateur Brewers.

This is going to be a fantastic day out where myself and Ben Jones will be serving up our keg entry -Trevor Francis Tracksuit – hopefully it’s a quaffable creamy stout – come and tell us if we hit the mark.

Making it utilised Ben’s patented vacuum keg filling process – he’ll be happy to talk you through it and share his aliexpress link for the cheap kit to copy his set up.

Vacuum keg filling

Hope to see you there. Cheers.

Lets get started

So this is the first post on our new website. Thanks to Gren for doing the internet technical wizardry that got this up and running. Cheers.

My name is Ian and I’m a home brewer.

I got back into this way of life again last year after several years of buying beer like a mortal. One of the things about making your own booze that I’ve realised is that as much enjoyment comes from talking about the process as comes from drinking the output. After watching people’s eyes gaze over as I start banging on about mash temperatures or fermentation temperatures it became apparent that we needed somewhere like-minded people could bang on together in Windsor.

Thanks to the support of Paddy at Windsor & Eton brewery we’ll be lucky enough to host this actually in the brewery surrounded by the stainless steel tank we all dream about.

I can’t wait to get this up and running – our first meeting will be on 25th September 2019 – and see what it evolves into.

Thanks to Steve, Alan & Ben who have given me the confidence that there is a desire out there for this and have helped get us to this point now. It’s going to be great.