Windsor & Eton Homebrew club.

Meeting 7:30pm the last Wednesday of the month at Windsor & Eton brewery.

Our aim

The aim of this club is to equip homebrewers with feedback, advice, experience and help so they can brew the exact pint they had in mind, on purpose, every time.

Our principles

Seek out and share knowledge and experience. Improve our understanding of the art and science of beer and brewing.

Find the fault. We’re aiming for perfection so when tasting a beer focus on what’s stopping this beer being perfect.

Be honest.

Don’t take it personally. People are critiquing the beer not you, and that’s why you’re here.

Have fun – we’re drinking beer after all, so enjoy it.


We meet the last Wednesday of every month at Windsor & Eton brewery. Starting at 7:30pm

The planned meeting dates and themes for the rest of 2022 are:

August  31st – Off flavours in beer sensory training

September 28th – Anything goes

October 26th – Hop flavour taste training and anything goes

November 30th – Theme TBD

December – no meeting – Merry Christmas

January 25th 2023 – Gluten-Free Challenge

February 22nd 2023 – Stout Month

Standing agenda is:

  • Arrive and get a beer
  • Announcements / news
  • (Tech talk)
  • Member’s tasting and assessment
  • Meeting closes

Whenever possible we will try to arrange a technical talk where a member or visiting speaker will give a short lecture (Less than 30mins) on a technical brewing subject.

Member’s tasting and assessment will be a round robin with people tasting all the beers and making notes – standard taste sheets will be provided – and feeding back and discussing each beer afterwards.

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