January Golden ale recipe





Golden Ale

Beer details

OG 1.0365 FG 1.008
ABV 3.8% IBU 30
Colour 9 EBC Brew size As per brewer’s set up

Mash ingredients

Ingredients %
Pale Ale 85
Wheat malt (Or torrefied) 10
Cara medium 5

Boil additions

Ingredients Weight Time
Bittering hops To 30 IBU 90min
Citrus hops (Citra or Amarillo) 6 g/l 1 min


Type Nottingham

Dry hopping

Ingredients Weight Time
Citrus hops (Citra or Amarillo) 2.5 g/l As per normal dry hopping schedule

To be brewed for comparison at the January 2020 WEHomebrew meeting. Looking to understand the differences that the individual set up and process can have on the sensory aspects of the same beer.

This recipe has been kindly supplied by Paddy at Eton & Windsor Brewery and is reminiscent of one of their favourite beers – Knight of the Garter. Paddy’s comments on the brew are below:

1. Golden Ale – OG 36.5, ABV 3.8%

2. Usual Liquor treatment for a Bitter (let people do their own thing as this is a point of debate/learning)

3. Malt Grist:

· 85% Pale Ale malt

· 5% Cara medium

· 10% Wheat (torrified or malted etc)

4. Bitter using standard bittering hop to achieve 30 IBU for a 90 mins (minimum 6%) boil. About 0.3 gms/L for a 13% alpha-acid hop

5. Late Hop using Citrus hops – Amarillo or Citra – 6 gms/L. Added at 1 min before flame out.

6. Nott Ale yeast Ferment at up to 22.5C (usually start about 19C and let it rise to top heat. 0.4 gms yeast/L

7. Dry Hop with same Citrus hops 2.5 gms/L

Very simple and people shouldn’t be tempted to make theirs “more interesting” – this is about comparing yours to a standard and learning what is different about your process that you then need to flex in normal brewing.

Should be an interesting tasting session. If anyone needs help with hop supply then Paddy has offered assistance.

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