Cryo pop Challenge

As per the meeting report from October 23 our first meeting of 2024 will be the Yakima Chief hop Cryo pop challenge. Brew a beer within the following guidelines ready for the January 31st 2024 meeting.


An IPA – make of that what you like. This link here is what Siren Craft brewery make of the style but there’s a wide variety of beers types to choose from.


Brewers choice as this will very much depend on the style, however there is a range for the finished product ABV. Aim for a beer between 4.5-5.0%


After much deliberation we settled on US-05 – something that will get out of the way of the hop flavours and aromas.


Now to the main course. Only two hop types are allowed. Cryopop and one other type. The hop addition timings and amounts are the brewer’s choice but the aim of the challenge is to showcase the hop flavours and aromas. So aim for something with punch.

Good luck!

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