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Raspberry & Lemon Saison

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Brewer: Alan Molloy

Style: Fruited Saison

This beer was brought into the March 2022 meeting and was an instant hit. Fresh, fruity, zesty and bright it was a real summer drink that sings out with the raspberry flavour perfectly balanced against the Saison base


OG 1.034 FG 1.002 ABV 4.0% IBU 28 Colour Raspberry pink

  • Mash
    • Extra Pale Ale 5.4kg
  • Boil
    • Target Hops 10.5% AA - 25g - Start of boil
    • Protafloc tablet - 1 tab - 50min
    • Lemon zest - 60g - 55min
    • Celeia 4.1%AA - 48g - Flame out for 20min
  • Yeast
    • Type 2 x Wyeast 3711 (French Saison)
  • Fermenter
    • Frozen and crushed raspberries 4.0kg 5 days


  • Mash
    On my set-up I required 11L at 78C to give a starting mash temp of 65.2C & ending at 62.4C, after 90mins I sparged with 35L @ 80C.This gave me 35L @ 1.036, which I diluted with 3L treated brew water to reduce OG to 1.032.
  • Boil
    38L in the boil for 60mins with Target hops. Protafloc added 10mins before end of boil. Lemon zest added 5mins before end of boil. (TIP: peel the rind of the lemon & chop it up in a food processor, much easier). Celeia added @ switch off & left to cool to 80C stirring twice. Took 20mins.
  • Fermenter
    Run wort through plate chiller to reduce temp to 30C & collected 32L @ 1.034.Agitation with a sterilised paddle. Pitched yeast direct from “Smack Pack” into wort @ 28C. (TIP: Spray outside of pack with steriliser before opening). This yeast ferments better at higher temp – 28 to 32C.After 5 days reached 1.002 & dropped temp to 8C overnight. 24hours later I added 4,000g of crushed raspberries in a fine muslin hop bag into the fermenter. The wort was now @ 14C. left them to soak for 5 days.
  • Bottling
    31L bottled in 330ml & 500ml bottles. The final gravity was 1.003 giving ABV of 4.1%.I prime each bottle with normal white sugar, 330ml=<1/8tsp, 500ml=1/8tsp.
Posted : 08/05/2022 6:16 pm
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