These pages contain useful information and forms for use in meetings

Recipe template

Use this Google doc as a template for any recipes that can be uploaded automatically onto the website:

Recipe template

Beer tasting sheet

Use this Google doc for our beer tasting notes sheet. To be used when critiquing beers during meetings.

Beer tasting sheet

Beer style guidelines

So everyone is on the same page when we’re discussing, tasting and brewing beers this is a link to the Brewers association beer style guidelines.

Beer Style Guidelines

Brewing Water Chemistry

In February 2021, as we were coming towards the end of the COVID lockdown we held our first remote meeting. In it Hugo Anderson shared his vast experience with a walk through the complexities of water chemistry for brewing. His presentation, full of background knowledge and practical tips, can be found below. This works both as an introduction to brewing water chemistry and also a aide memoir if you have some previous knowledge. Also includes information about water chemistry for brewing from extract.

Beer off flavours

This paper has a wealth of information about the descriptors and causes of off flavours in beer.